Austrian National Championship Mixed 2023

On April 29th and 30th the Austrian State Championship Mixed Preliminary Qualifier will take place in Hollabrunn. 12 teams will compete for 4 free places in the Austrian State Championship Mixed Qualifier on May 20 and 21. The qualification is about the last free places for the ÖStM X Final in conjunction with Sport Austria Finals in Graz on June 10 and 11.

The Mixed Championship will be held for the 2nd time after 2022 in this mode with 2 qualification rounds and a 2-day final tournament with 6 teams.
Jan Nowak, intern at ÖFSV, responsible for the new mode explains the expectations of the federation:

„As an association we are responsible to support, spread and improve the Frisbee sport in Austria. The number of Austrian tournaments is decreasing and the number of teams at the national championships has also been decreasing continuously in the last years.
With the new mode we hope to improve the Austrian Frisbee scene on a national level. Furthermore we want to make it easier for organizers to host parts of the ÖSTM by having the number of teams already fixed in advance for most tournaments.“

The mode led to 3 competitive tournaments last year with many close decisions. Although two of the teams in the 2022 championship are not competing (Catchup Juniors, AmPullen Linz) there are 18 teams in 2023.

Styrian Hawks Feldbach, Winaona Raiders Mödling, Rheindivers Hohenems, Schleudertraum Salzburg and Wiener Melange, Flugsaurier Wels participate in the championship this year after absences of varying lengths.
18 participating teams is the highest since 2012.

Champions 2022 Catchup Graz                     Photo: GEPA pictures/ Wolfgang Grebien



The competition starts in 4 groups of 3 teams.
The group winners will wait in the quarterfinals for the winners of the cross games between second and third.
The winners of the quarterfinals on Saturday evening are qualified for the ÖStM X Q.
On Sunday, the top 4 teams will compete for seeding and the other teams will compete for the final placement in the ÖStM tournament.


Schedule ÖSTM-X-V 


In the qualification round for the final Disc Fiction Klagenfurt and the Innsiders from Kundl are waiting for the four best teams of the preliminary round. 2 places for the ÖStM X final will be up for grabs.


Champion Catchup Graz waits together with W.underteam Vienna, Zombees Vienna and Mosquitos Klosterneuburg for the remaining participants for an exciting final.



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